Conor Doughty, more widely known as Contrix, is a professional beatboxer from London Essex, with 15 years of beatboxing experience, and 7 years working in the music industry. He is the current undefeated UK Beatbox Champion, winning the solo championships the past two years running.

Contrix has a unique style that is revered by beatboxers across the globe. His breathtaking shows are enjoyable for all demographics. He specialises in fusing different genres of music together during his live shows, corporate events and club nights. He has been involved in numerous TV and radio features, festivals, online advertising campaigns, weddings, and more.

His talents have also received recognition across many social networks, with total amounts of views in the 40-50 million range, across videos of beatboxing and freerunning/parkour - another element which Contrix can incorporate into his performances.